We have all seen people carrying around the newest technological innovation, the digital “tablet”. Apple and Steve Jobs jump-started the tablet revolution with the “iPad” and other tablets followed suite like the HP “Slate” and the upcoming RIM “PlayBook”. The idea of the tablet is based on the idea of the ancient Greek tablet that was made out of stone and used to write down thoughts, historical records, and symbols. The tablet is meant to be a midway point between your smart phone and your laptop or personal computer. Digital video is a huge component of tablet use, from YouTube, to movies downloaded or streamed from on-line stores like iTunes and Netflix, to filming with the camera built into the new iPad 2.

If you have ever held a tablet in your hands you know how gorgeous the displays and graphics are. The iPad2 for instance boasts a 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi). This means that quality with your videos is more important than ever. You are also going to be competing with graphically beautiful Apps and interfaces that are often animated.  Make sure you make your video as high resolution as possible.  You don’t want people viewing a shaky cell phone camera video on their tablet because it will look noticeably worse than whatever else they are viewing.

The general rule in the past for on-line video is to make them quick and to the point. This was true because people were often watching them on tiny smart-phone screens or on their laptops. The iPad makes the argument that videos can be a little bit longer. The iPad is more of a pleasure item, like a book or magazine that you sit with for long periods of time. Only hardcore computer geeks used to watch entire TV shows on their computers but with the iPad and resources like Netflix and iTunes, watching TV shows and entire movies on your iPad is commonplace.

As you know, PRVIDEO.TV’s motto is “We Tell Your Story” and my hope is that the iPad heralds a return to narrative videos. Viral videos of all kinds have been the rage the last 5 years. Most of them are frivolous, silly videos that were made for the quick laugh or smile– 20-second videos of cute kittens or amazing stunts caught on amateur video. With the tablet, we might see the return of more narrative based filmmaking. Whether they are short documentary or news features, I feel people will be more willing to put up with longer videos because they have such a gorgeous display. However, filmmakers make sure you keep your quality high to compete with all the other stuff consumers will be watching.

If you have experience in production and editing, by all means do it yourself but with the added pressure of needing a higher quality, your cheap camera and iMovie software might not do the trick. You should consider hiring a professional firm like PRVIDEO.TV or a similar company, who have decades of experience creating great videos. Be suspicious of fly-by-night video producers– a combination of Craigslist and cheap technology has unleashed a flood of wannabees who don’t have the experience or portfolio to back it up. In fact I am planning another blog expanding on this topic.

Well readers, these are some guidelines to think about when making video for tablets. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play with one yet, you might want to check out the Apple store. They have about 30 iPad’s around the store and you are free to play around with one as long as you want. We are at the infancy stages of digital video for tablets, and I am excited to see where things go from here!



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