GOODWILL HUNTING – with cameras!

If you are a frequent reader of my Twitter or Blog, you will know that a key tenant of PRVideo.TV is that commerce and charity can go hand in hand. I run my business to make money and provide a living for myself and my family, but I would not be able to enjoy my work if I did not have a passion for it. While a lot of my passion comes from my love of cameras and the technology and telling a story, my other passion comes from helping the community and the environment and the joy of working with the terrific people I encounter.

On May 25th, 2011 Nikon hosted a ‘Save Malaysian Turtles’ Media Retreat and it is a perfect example of how profit and “doing good” do not have to be separate. The 40 journalists and photographers enjoyed the three-day, two-night retreat/workshop held to foster good relations between Nikon and the media. The theme of the retreat was ‘Save the Malaysian Turtles,’ with Nikon Malaysia organizing a special visit for media members to the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. The participating journalists and photographers had the opportunity to learn about the conservation efforts being undertaken for Malaysian turtles that – without immediate intervention – are slowly becoming extinct.

Te Malaysian environmentalists also released about 100 newly hatched turtles into the sea. Later in the night, the media members were taken on a 15-minute journey to Pantai Teluk Mak Nik at the Terengganu coast to watch green turtles lay eggs. At the beach, journalists witnessed two giant turtles quietly laying their eggs. It was incredibly serene and touching.  Nikon was also able to include a selection of new cameras to try out as well. They were given a presentation on Nikon’s range of Digital SLR cameras, lenses and Digital Compact cameras (Coolpix models). They even made the whole weekend interactive by having a video-shooting contest with new Nikon D5100 cameras and Coolpix P300s to shoot the most creative and exciting videos using the FULL HD video recording capability of the D5100.

This event inspired me to continue combining my love of photography to expose the world to urgent environmental and social issues. I hope other camera companies take heed that profit can go hand in hand with the environment. For more info on the event check out:


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2 Responses to “GOODWILL HUNTING – with cameras!”

  1. SeymoreMcFly Says:

    Awesome post!
    I was living in Florida doing a lot of freelance editing and on my free time I went to the local park. They had a whole conservatory dedicated to a specific Florida beach turtles (which of course the name is failing me at this point in time!)
    They were really great to get some pictures and I helped them with all the events I could.

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