Capture Better Pictures of Your Kids

The holidays are here and you don’t want to miss any of those touching family moments. Some of the most treasured things parents can possess are pictures of their kids. Here are a few simple picture taking tips for your holiday events.

1. Have fun with Props. Think toys, teddy bears, books, a wreath, dreidels or a candy cane. Kids will be more at ease when they are holding something in their hands. Let them show off their personality in the pictures.

2. Photograph at a child’s level. Get down close. Squatting or sitting to take a picture of your kids will capture them at a much more flattering angle.

3. Shoot a lot. If you’re using a digital camera, there’s no waste. You never know what your kids will do next so keep the shots going. Kids don’t have to be posed and looking at the camera to get a great shot. Candid shots work too!

4. Try shooting in monochrome mode, black and white mode or use Instagram-type effects.

5. Shoot with the highest jpeg quality. If you know photoshop, shoot in both jpeg and raw. Having a large digital file is like having a longer zoom because it allows you to crop the picture and still have good resolution to print and share the cropped image.

6. Crop your photos to clean up the background. A cluttered, busy environment around your subject can overpower your photo. One way to avoid this is to frame the picture in such a way that the area behind your child is free of clutter and then crop the photo to zero on the main subject.

Happy Holidays!

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