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Got Leadership? Ten Quick Resources for Hispanic Kids to Acquire Lifetime Leadership Skills

May 18, 2013

Businesses and organizations everywhere want to build a legitimately diverse and excellent workforce.  If you are a Hispanic young man or woman with drive, responsibility and smarts, individuals and organizations are looking for you!   Communication and leadership skills are most desirable.  Here are ten sources of leadership training available to most teens:

  1. Little League, Pop Warner and AYSO Youth soccer leagues helps boys and girls develop physically and learn team leadership skills.
  2. Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
  3. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
  4. Youth groups at church.
  5. 4H Clubs.
  6. The Freechild Project.
  7. Good neighborhood public schools offer kids leadership growth opportunities in academics, sports, clubs and school organizations like student council.
  8. The Youth Leadership Institute has been an innovative leader in the field of youth development for over 20 years
  9. The National Youth Leadership Council  develops young leaders by providing direct trainings, leadership opportunities, and the resources and support to tackle issues that matter to them in their communities.
  10. Rotary Youth programs mentor promising youngsters.

These organizations offer solid adult mentorship and supervision.  Most have programs that expose kids of diverse backgrounds to healthy activities and greater responsibility over themselves and their peers. They may not be for everyone but thanks to the Web, the ability for individual youth and their parents to research opportunities for leadership growth has never been better.

I benefited greatly from a decade-long involvement in Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts, and today give back through activities with the Boy Scouts of America/Los Angeles Council.

Many older teens learn discipline, technical skills and leadership in the biggest training opportunity of all, campus ROTC or service in the US Military, the route my own Dad took.  Good luck!


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