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The 15 Second Video Ad

December 12, 2012

Studies through Nielson on mobile ad effectiveness are finding that consumers exposed to mobile video ads demonstrated significantly higher brand awareness, favorability and interest in purchasing. Mobile video has become a high performing vehicle to drive ROI and merits greater investment in cross-screen marketing campaigns. How can your brand launch an effective video ad for mobile platforms?

The ideal mobile video ad length was determined to be 15 seconds. Now a days even if your ad is motion picture quality, a mobile ad that is 6 minutes long will not produce the results you need. Our lives are very busy and keeping someone’s attention for that long on a video advertisement is difficult. How long would you spend watching a mobile video ad?

Before you start creating your next ad campaign, I’ve organized some valuable points for your perusal.

1. Always have great content. Interesting content creates effective video ads. Since the ideal ad unit in mobile is 15 seconds, it should probably be the most compelling within the first second or two. Aim to get your point across quickly and in a way that will resonant with the audience you are trying to reach.

2. Know your audience. Knowing who you are trying to market too will play a role in both the content and where you deliver the message. If you want to reach an audience that will actually watch your video, make sure your ads run on engaging, entertaining, long session time apps like TV viewing, video content, games and social apps. Users in these apps are more receptive and more likely to engage with ads. Context is equally important, particularly for brands, so be equally sure your ad is running alongside content that is appropriate for your video.

3. Optimize your video ad for all platforms. If your video doesn’t load in three seconds or less, your audience will just go on to something else. Make sure your video is not grainy and your audio doesn’t cut in and out. Don’t put your brand at risk with slow-loading, low quality video.

As you plan those creative campaigns for next year, keep the above thoughts in mind and I look forward to working with you on your next mobile video ad in 2013!


Animoto Gets You Going with Web and App Based Video Creation from Still Photos

October 11, 2012

A friend of mine introduced me to Animoto and in a nutshell Animoto lets you create fun videos from your own photos, video clips, texts and music. This can be a great tool for recreational or professional web users looking to expand their product offerings to their clients. You can also get Animoto’s iPhone and Android applications for those on the go or onsite moments. With the proliferation of mobile photography and video this could put more immediate options right in your hands.

To showcase the simplicity of how quickly and easily you can create a video upon signing up for your account Animoto asks if you’d like to create your first video using your Facebook images. I said “why not” and gave it a go. Within minutes I had a thirty second video showing my images in a fun and professional video collage with music. Sharing the video was a snap on a website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and via email. I could pick web friendly video resolutions 360p, 480p and 720p HD. Animoto has many “styles” to chose from and some good looking holiday themes for free. The Pro account which you pay for, has even more. Each “style” has it’s own unique effects, background and transitions. They look professionally done and polished.

Animoto offers you three levels of accounts. Lite is the attractive price of “FREE”. With a Lite account you get unlimited 30-second videos, dynamic themed video styles for all occasions and 600+ music tracks. You can also upload your own music like in all of the other plans.

To learn more and create your first video in minutes visit It’s Fun!


Case study: Using video to educate patients about advances in healthcare and beauty.

April 14, 2012

Video as a marketing and patient education tool has remarkable flexibility and power.  Done right, it can boil down complex technologies to clearly answer the question:  “What can this medication, device or treatment do for ME, the patient?”

I like to base this type of video around a specific case because it personalizes the “problem/solution” basis of the technology, medication or treatment and has the duo of physician and patient tell their story as it advances over time.

This video runs 2 1/2 minutes which I think is just about right for a complex video, but shorter is almost always better!  Get to the point, tell a relevant story for your audience, include some contact info and GET OUT!

Marina Plastic surgery, 4644 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 552, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 877.298.9915

Video by Marshall Thompson,, 310-403-2507

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